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Professional career

Annemarie Andersen (since 2018)


Translation of various texts

  • brochures and flyers
  • cover letters and CVs
  • presentations of all kinds
  • academic texts
  • information texts and manuals
  • SEO and modular texts
  • guides and catalogues
  • Transcription and translation of digital lectures
  • subtitling

Jung von Matt Aktiengesellschaft (2017 – 2018)


Quality assurance for BMW,, Philip Morris, Sparkasse, Montblanc, Hafencity, Huawei and

  • main responsibility for the BMW, Huawei and Hafencity projects
  • ensuring the quality of projects and thus the agency’s digital excellence
  • development of test concepts, quality modules and levels, device / operating system matrices, etc.
  • initiation, implementation and flexible adaptation of test methods
  • calculation of quality assurance expenditures as well as short- to long-term planning of student employees
  • analysis, evaluation and release of test results
  • creation of bug reports with the internal ticket system JIRA
  • status and coordination meetings with all service departments involved
  • training and management of student employees
  • comprehensive quality and test management
  • functional and content quality assurance
  • correction of textbooks

InnoGames GmbH (2015 – 2017)


Quality assurance for Gates of Epica

  • development of test concepts for functional and content quality assurance of the mobile game Gates of Epica in the production phase
  • creation of bug reports with the internal ticket system, JIRA, in English
  • maintenance of the bug backlog
  • approval of new game features, qualitative feedback on features and game balancing

Goodgame Studios – Alitigi GmbH (2014 – 2015)


Quality assurance for browser-based online and mobile games

  • functional and content quality assurance of the browser games Bigfarm and Goodgame Empire as well as the mobile game Empire: Four Kingdoms
  • creation of bug reports with the internal ticket system JIRA
  • approval of new game features, qualitative feedback on features and game balancing – c/o Testmania Verlag (2013)


Editorial work in the fields of games, film and music

  • creation of detailed reviews
  • editing and publishing via the content management system WordPress

Academy of Information Technology (2012)


Game Design

  • conceptual and content game design
  • practical implementation in the runtime and development environment Unity

Designschule Schwerin (2010 – 2013)


Game Design

  • creation of game design documents, character designs, level analyses and designs
  • photoshop, interface design, and creative training
  • creating worlds, storytelling and storyboard
  • thesis Gender differences in dealing with video games

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft A/S & Co KG (2006 – 2009)


Commercial training as office administrator

  • work in the following specialist departments:
    • main department general administration, department administration
    • department South Pacific Marine Services
    • main department human resources, training and development sector
    • department Corporate Communications
    • main department Financial and Management Accounting, department Finance
    • works council office
    • Globe (Global Logistics Organisation Business Environment)
  • participation in internal company English lessons
  • information seminar for Hamburg Süd trainees
  • educational trip to Istanbul