*Annemarie Andersen


A good translation does not show the translation, a bad one does.

Here you can expect solely qualitative translations that are not only tailored to your industry and the specialist subject matter of your documents, but are also familiar with the language and cultural characteristics of your target group.

You can therefore be sure that the message and meaning of your texts, both in business life and in private area, will not be lost in German or English translations.

Why you should work with me:
  1. 15 years of professional experience in English-speaking work environments.
  2. Work stay in Australia, incl. language course completed with certificate.
  3. Many years of professional experience in professional quality assurance. Your translation is therefore inevitably subject to quality assurance.
  4. You are in direct contact with me as a translator. This ensures an unbureaucratic process and clear communication.
  5. As an independent translator, I am more dependent on your satisfaction. This ensures a qualitative and punctual translation.
  6. I stand for the translations personally with my reputation and name.

I am also very happy to help you decipher the historical scripts of Suetterlin and Kurrent – also known as old German script, German handwriting or just German script.

Fixed price#

*Fixed prices
(Know the prices before the project starts!)

In order to make the prices for you as transparent as possible, my settlements are based on the source text.

A binding fee assessment is only possible after searching of documents and depends on the language direction, the field, the format of the text template and the urgency.

While I square per words in English texts, I apply a settlement per standard line in German texts – a standard line consists of 55 characters (incl. blank spaces). The reason for this is that in German – especially when it comes to technical texts – you can string words together at will. Thus, a billing according to words would only inaccurately reflect the volume of text.


Technical translations

Since technical translations require a greater amount of research, the price is slightly higher than for general texts. I specialize in the following fields: Gaming, IT & technology, quality management, marketing, automotive, finance and medicine.

  • EUR 1.50 per standard line – for non-editable documents the fee increases to EUR 1.66

    EUR 0.20 per word – for non-editable documents the fee increases to EUR 0.25

General translations

In addition to specialized technical translations, I also offer general translations. General texts include cover letters and CVs, correspondence, brochures and flyers, website, blog and SEO texts.

  • EUR 1.26 per standard line – for non-editable documents the fee increases to EUR 1.42

    EUR 0.10 per word – for non-editable documents the fee increases to EUR 0.12


With my linguistic knowledge and my experience from quality assurance, I am happy to check and correct your texts and send you the corrections in a format of your choice.

  • per hour EUR 30.-

Rush jobs

Of course, you can also entrust me with short-term orders. For rush jobs (completion within the next 12 hours) or orders that have to be done outside office hours (Mon. – Fri. 11:00 – 18:00 o’clock), over the weekend or over holidays in order to meet the deadline, I add a markup.

  • 20 % markup

Suetterlin / Kurrent

For Suetterlin translations, I charge per hour, as the expenditure depends on the quality and readability of the texts.

  • per hour EUR 30.-

In general, a minimum flat rate of EUR 50.- per month applies to all orders.


*Professional Career

Annemarie Andersen


Translation of various texts
  • translation of English technical and entertainment reviews into German, e.g. for techradar
  • brochures and flyers
  • cover letters and CVs
  • presentations of all kinds
  • academic texts
  • information texts and manuals
  • SEO and modular texts
  • guides and catalogues
Data processing
  • quality assurance of software, apps, websites and any kind of digital content
  • back-office, data processing, evaluation, research, and market research
  • conception and creation of text content for advertising, marketing and public communication
  • proofreading

2017 – 2018

Jung von Matt Aktiengesellschaft

Quality Assurance Manager (jr.)

Quality assurance for BMW, EIS.de, Philip Morris, Sparkasse, Montblanc, Hafencity, Huawei and Bilder.de
  • main responsibility for the BMW, Huawei and Hafencity projects
  • ensuring the quality of projects and thus the agency’s digital excellence
  • development of test concepts, quality modules and levels, device / operating system matrices, etc.
  • initiation, implementation and flexible adaptation of test methods
  • calculation of quality assurance expenditures as well as short- to long-term planning of student employees
  • analysis, evaluation and release of test results
  • creation of bug reports with the internal ticket system JIRA
  • status and coordination meetings with all service departments involved
  • training and management of student employees
  • comprehensive quality and test management
  • functional and content quality assurance
  • correction of textbooks

2015 – 2017

InnoGames GmbH

Quality Assurance Game Tester

Quality assurance for
Gates of Epica
  • development of test concepts for functional and content quality assurance of the mobile game Gates of Epica in the production phase
  • creation of bug reports with the internal ticket system, JIRA, in English
  • maintenance of the bug backlog
  • approval of new game features, qualitative feedback on features and game balancing

2014 – 2015

Goodgame Studios – Alitigi GmbH

Quality Assurance Technician

Quality assurance for browser-based online and mobile games
  • functional and content quality assurance of the browser games Bigfarm and Goodgame Empire as well as the mobile game Empire: Four Kingdoms
  • creation of bug reports with the internal ticket system JIRA
  • approval of new game features, qualitative feedback on features and game balancing


Spielemagazin.de – c/o Testmania Verlag

Freelance editor

Editorial work in the fields of games, film and music
  • creation of detailed reviews
  • editing and publishing via the content management system WordPress


Academy of Information Technology

Advanced training

Game Design
  • conceptual and content game design
  • practical implementation in the runtime and development environment Unity

2010- 2013

Designschule Schwerin


Game Design
  • creation of game design documents, character designs, level analyses and designs
  • photoshop, interface design, and creative training
  • creating worlds, storytelling and storyboard
  • thesis Gender differences in dealing with video games

2006 – 2009

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft A/S & Co KG


Commercial training as office administrator
  • work in the following specialist departments:
    • main department general administration, department administration 
    • department South Pacific Marine Services
    • main department human resources, training and development sector
    • department Corporate Communications
    • main department Financial and Management Accounting, department Finance
    • works council office
    • Globe (Global Logistics Organisation Business Environment)
  • participation in internal company English lessons
  • information seminar for Hamburg Süd trainees
  • educational trip to Istanbul

I look forward to hearing from you!

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